Havel Wire Equipment – Agencies

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Niehoff of India

agencies_niehoffWebsite : Your international, word-leading partner for all your Non-Ferrous Wire-Drawing-Machinery & Equipment requirements

  • Rod Breakdown Machines
  • Multi-wire Tandem Drawing Machines
  • Continuous Resistance Annealers
  • Spoolers
  • Rewinding Units.
  • NPS Multi-way spools with accessories
  • Cable Package Systems
  • Automatic Pack Coilers / Vertical Static Coilers
  • Galvanic Tinning Units

Witels Albert GmbH & Co

agencies_witelsWebsite : Your international manufacturer of straightener, feed, drive and guide technology.

  • Straightening Rollers
  • Guide Rolls
  • Transport Rolls
  • Performing for cable
  • Cable Strippers
  • Accessories

Padre Tirem Werkzeugfabrik GmbH & Co

agencies_padreWebsite : For all your Cutting-Tools, Pliers and Cutter requirements both for the FERROUS & NON-FERROUS industry.

  • Cutting-Tools for industry and handy craft
  • Wire Cutters
  • Pulling Pliers
  • Pliers, Tongs, Clamp Pliers, Wrenches
  • Shears, Snips, Welders De-Burring Pliers etc.

Kielsensteing GmgH

agencies_kieselsteinWebsite : For your specialised NON-FERROUS Wire Drawing Machinery requirements.

  • Steel Wire Drawing Machinery
  • Service and spare parts
  • Retrofits


IWE Spulen und Handling GmgH

agencies_iweWebsite : For your high quality and high speed reels and lifting equipment.

  • Reels
  • Lifting and tilting equipment



Withöft – Werkzeugtechnologie GmbH

agencies_WithoftWebsite : Manufacturing Wire-Pulling-In Dogs since 1950.

  • Wire Pulling In Dogs

Schmidt Control

Website : For all your mechanical and digital control & measuring instrument requirements.

  • Stroboscopes, Speed—and length Meters
  • Tachometers, Sample cutters, Weight Balance
  • Hardness testers, Textile Moisture Meter
  • Thickness Gauges
  • Tension Meters
  • Force Gauges and Torque Meters


Mira Flechtertechnik Gmbh

agencies_miraWebsite : Cost Effective spare parts for rotary braiding machinery.

  • Slide way overhauling
  • Inner gear
  • Thread Lever
  • Sliding Pad
  • Bobbin carrier and many more

Pressure Welding Machines

agencies_pwmWebsite : PWM is a world leader in the design and manufacture of cold pressure welding machines and dies. PWM supplies high quality, cold pressure welding equipment for the world market.




Hilger Kern

agencies hilgerWebsite : Hilger Ker is a supplier of the following tools:

  • Belt Tension Meter