History of Havel Wire Equipment

history_1Back in the day, in 1969, Klaus Dieter Schmidt and his beloved wife, Ragel Naomi Schmidt, registered the company – HAVEL CHEMICALS (PTY) Ltd. It was the first of many, and the most successful and long-standing.

In the beginning their intent was to start their own soap manufacturing business, as Dieter had a diploma in chemistry and had ample experience from working with companies to the likes of Dunlop and Hestico.

After this venture didn’t entirely go according to plan due to conflicts with his business partner, Dieter turned to the Wire & Cable Industry and started his new career and new business direction, as an AGENCY.

As the company was already setup, along with import & export rights etc., it was only a matter of acquiring Agency’s and learning the industry. And through this determination and humble beginnings, “HAVEL CHEMICALS (PTY) Ltd.” Intrinsically became the future “HAVEL WIRE EQUIPMENT (PTY) Ltd.”


Dieter included “HAVEL” in all of this business names, as he was born in BRANDENBURG, BERLIN, GERMANY and there was a river flowing through it called “DIE HAVEL”. This was his way of connecting, his home, GERMANY and bringing it to SOUTH AFRICA.

history_5DRAHT DIETER – A legacy which still lives on, over 40 years later!

When I, Dieter Schmidt (jnr.), officially started in this industry, a good friend of mine told me: “Dieter, the Wire & Rope Industry is like family!” Many years have expired since my father, late Dieter Schmidt passed away in December 2001, and it took me the majority of them to understand the true meaning of that statement, in all areas of my life.

The family of HAVEL WIRE EQUIPMENT (PTY) Ltd., or, HWE, as we like to call it, has changed and grown in many ways, since its inception. Owners, Employee’s, Agencies’ and Products. Similarly to the industry and economy. “TIME BRINGS CHANGE”.

From a “one-man show”, born out of one man’s determination, perseverance and strength, to a larger team – driven, motivated and dynamic. Integrating modern technologies, constantly diversifying and adapting to the markets needs and focused on growing and building the company for the future.

Timeline of Historical Events:


2001 (December) : Passing of late Klaus Dieter Schmidt / Start for Dieter Schmidt (jnr.)
2002 (Year) : Attendance of the WIRE & TUBE FAIR in Düsseldorf, Germany
2003 (Year) : Learning the business / Training with suppliers in Germany
2004 (February) : Official name change from “HAVEL CHEMICALS” to “ HAVEL WIRE EQUIPMENT
2005 (October) : Moved into bigger premises in Kya Sands
2006 (June) : Purchase & Implementation of own server and installation of more workstations
2007 (August) : Purchase of our first delivery vehicle
2008 (Year) : Purchase of own factory (put on hold)
2009 (Year) : Period of streamlining and consolidation.
2010 (Year) : Same as 2009 / Attendance of the WIRE & TUBE FAIR in Düsseldorf, Germany
2011 (Year) : Training of new replacement/retired staff. / Launch of New improved website & Newsletter
2012 (Year) : Implementation of Recycling and Social Responsibility Programmes


IN LOVING ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of late Klaus Dieter Schmidt & Ragel Naomi Schmidt, we thank you for all your hard work, dedication, perseverance and determination invested into starting and building this company.

WE dedicate the past, present and future success of HAVEL WIRE EQUIPMENT to my beloved parents RAGEL NAOMI SCHMIDT and KLAUS DIETER SCHMIDT.